Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Contest at kstyle, Outing Henry!

I've decided to have my first contest at kstyle. The
prize will be a pair of my lampwork earrings which I
will post tomorrow. They will be gorgeous and they
will feature turquoise, amber and cream
murano glass. yum!

So who is Henry? That blogging buddies is the question
and the first person to "out" Henry in a comment will
be the winner of my lampwork earrings.. With my daily
posts I will give clues as to Henry's identity. They will start
out challenging moving gradually to the hint that will be a
dead giveaway. Feel free to guess all you want. You never
know. You might just get lucky.

The moment Henry is outed I will post an award winning photo
of Henry taken by my son Troy. It was the highlight of our
summer and I'm dying to share it with you.

So here is the first clue.

Henry is an animal and a study in graphic design.

Oh and those friends out there reading my blog who have already
been introduced to Henry (you know who you are) are excluded
from this contest. sorry guys. k


Funky Finds said...

Is Henry a zebra? :) Thanks for the kind words about my Halloween banner. Where did yours go? Your earrings are fabulous! Loving the orange & black combo.

kstyle said...

Nope. Haven't seen any zebra's lately. On the banner I had decided to move on from halloween but then you know how empty and sterile your house feels when you put away your decroations. So I think I will keep it through the holiday. stay tuned for more henry clues. k

lorenzstudio said...

Is Henry a bird?

Anonymous said...

Is Henry a bob cat

Anonymous said...

is henry a bob cat

Anonymous said...

is henry a bob act

kstyle said...

Nope, no bobcats have crossed my path lately!