Monday, October 02, 2006

Jonathan Adler Meets kstyle for Halloween

Hi everyone,
From time to time I will be offering some of my
lampwork jewelry to my friends and blogging fans here
at kstyle. So today I am posting my signature custom
earring charms. They are made with murano glass from
Italy and are all my original designs. My earring charms
are made to slide over most hoop earrings and look fantastic
on gold and sterling silver. They are app. 1/2 in. in diameter
and are smaller than shown. The silver hoops you see in the
pic are NOT included. The two glass charms that you see will
be $25 and will include shipping. If you would like to order
please email me and let me know. Please specify "donuts" for
this pair. I can only accept paypal at this time. thanks so
much, k

This second set of charms are really fun and I designed
them to be totally verstile. The charms can be slipped
off and rotated to make three different combintions. So
you can have polka dots in white/ orange red / or one of
each for a halloween look. The charms are app. 1/2 in.
in diameter and are smaller than shown. Again silver
hoops are NOT for sale. The two earring charms will be $25
and will include shipping. Email me as above if you would
like to order. Specify "polka dots" for this pair.

Finally I love these orange polka dot plates by Jonathan
Adler for any occasion but if I could I'd buy the whole set
just for my halloween entertaining I would. They were my
inspiration for the earring sets you see above. As always
Jonathan Adler so cleverly combines the modern with the

This will be my final post in my "A Well Deigned Holiday
Series" Time to move on to other kstyle topics like

Who is Henry? Stay tuned for details, k

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