Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh Deer!

What's a xmas card shopper to do. So many deer to choose
from and all so festive and fun. While deer might get a mixed
reaction in Ashland I still think the reindeer variety have a
place in our holiday hearts. SOoooo.......

Why you might ask are we not total deer lovers in this
picturesque deer friendly city called Ashland. Well here is a
true story which happened to me or I should say to my
friend V a few months ago. After a wonderful tour of her
gorgeous new home, freshly built, she asked me to give her
a ride back to her old house still not quite vacated. An
understatement to say the least. As we drove up to her front
yard I heard an "oh know not again "expletive. Confused at
first I soon noticed the very big problem!

Literally sitting on her doormat, as if he owned the place,
totally blocking any possible entry into her house was a full
grown, massive antler endowed deer. The big daddy deer to
be exact.

"Well" she said obviously resigned, "I'm going to have to walk
around to the back AGAIN!" And that was that. A typical day in
Ashland. So while clearly our resident deer have gotten just a tiny
bit bold and I'm pretty sure V won't be buying any of the above
xmas cards anytime soon I still love the pesty critters and if you
do too check out the following sources in order of appearance.
Spot Bear, Moma, Emma Rose Papery, Foxy and Winston, Flaunt,
and for fun I threw in reindeer key chains from finnstyle. enjoy, k


cruststation said...

How lovely to have deers walking around in the wild. I can imagine they are probably quite frightening up close though especially when blocking the entrance to your house!! Love the Christmas cards, great story.

kstyle said...

Absolutely. There was no way viian was going to get too close to her resident deer. His rack was very impressive to say the least. The deer are everywhere in Ashland. They're practically part of the local census. Thanks for dropping by. k

Anonymous said...