Thursday, November 09, 2006

Xmas is Going to the Dogs

I'm a total dog lover but very dog deprived right now
so these glorious xmas cards definitely have my name
on them. I love them all although I'm partial to the first
because my last dog was/is Mikey the beagle. My mother
has him now because we couldn't take him with us to
Australia where we lived for a year. Now she'd probably
kill me rather than give him back. In order of appearance
you can find these cards at elum, emma rose papery, r-nichols
via the pink square, and gumps. enjoy, k


ambika said...

I really love that first card, having grown up with miniature dachsunds. Finding non-cheesy Christmas cards has usually been a challenge but I think it'll be a lot easier this year given all of the more independent options.

Anonymous said...

i love that first letterpressed card! sooo cute...i'm going to link you up as well! thanks for the connection!!!

Funky Finds said...

these are so wonderful! i want them all!

cruststation said...

I love the top three, you don't have to be a dog lover to be in love with the humorous illustrations!

holly said...

love the dogs! here's a sneak peek at my christmas pup.

kstyle said...

Holly, Ed has my vote for cute dog of the year. I'm so jealous. k

Haute Girl said...

i like the first four. very cute!

Joanne said...

That first one is so cute!
Love the 3rd and 4th cards - so simple and stylish.