Saturday, January 20, 2007

Alexander McQueen : Fashion Show SS07 Women (Part 1)

I could watch fashion runway shows all day and so I thought I would post this outstanding "SS07 Couture" show by Aexander Mcqueen. It is glorious and the detail is just breathtaking. Remember this is not your everyday ready to wear collection but the "haute couture" line which literally means high sewing or high dressmaking . This is part 1 and I will show part 2 next Sunday. In fact I think I just might make it a new Kstyle attraction. So for those of you who happened by Kstyle today welcome to Stylin Video know I'm a total movie buff, k


Anna said...

WOW K - so beautiful!!

cruststation said...

I love that chandelier, love the Victorian look and some of the pieces are very wearable. Lovely.