Sunday, January 21, 2007

I've Been Tagged

I've been tagged by Di from Designer's block and so I guess it is my turn to spill. Easy, I have lots of weirdness to share.

1. I am addicted to diet pepsi and so they know me by name at Wendy's where I drive through at least once a day because I'm too lazy to walk in at 7-11.

2.I play majong and poker on a regular basis with"my girls".

3. I am the Imelda Marcos of scarves and I literally own enough to open a store. To keep busy on all those drives to water polo tournaments and swim meets I would knit pretty much a scarf per trip!

4. I would sleep with my laptop if I could.

5. I am an ice skating fanatic. Watch anything and everything related and fantasize about designing costumes for Michelle Quan and Sasha Cohen.

6. My favorite summer pastime right now is feeding Henry the bald eagle we adopted last year. We probably caught over a hundred fish during the course of the summer and Henry pretty much ate every one. Can't wait to see him again in a few months.

Trust me I could go on but I'll save the rest for the next tag.

And let's see I'm tagging

Funky Finds

Design Milk
Oh My Gooshness
Dress Your Nest
Monogram Momma

Can't wait to hear "your weirdness"


My Marrakech said...

A bald eagle! Wow how cool.

pinkmohair said...

K, the bald eagle isn't weird - it's fascinating. How does he look up close? MAgestic? Intimidating?

Neither is the Diet Pepsi thing. Ditto for drive-through prescription pick-up and the now defunct "Booze & Cruise." Why go in when you can drive through?

P.S. My Tivo is set for "Women's ice skating!"

modmom said...

so you're responsible for my tagging from ohmygooshness + designmilk!

i fantasize about designing clothes for almost everyone i meet, especially since i designed + made custom ice + inline speedskating skinsuits for 5 years.


oh I didn't know you'd been tagged, but anyway I think it's amazing that you can play mahjong. :-)

kstyle said...

We play American mahjong which is probably easier than the chinese version although it still requires my brain cells to be in a farily active state. Absolutely love it. There are 17 women in my group and we have a blast. Next month we are hosting a tournamnet with prizes which will all be some sort of mahjong jewelry. Hmmm, I see another post coming. k