Sunday, January 21, 2007

Good Design Is Everywhere or Should Be

I was browsing through Oprah's latest issue when I saw this darling top. It immediately caught my eye and then upon reading further I saw that it was actually a hospital gown designed for women undergoing chemotherapy and other equally not fun illnesses. The whole line called Spirited Sisters has been created with the idea that you don't have to look like crap even if you feel like crap. I love the idea. Somewhat spendy but what a great gift if you had a friend or family member in need of a major "fashion" pick me up. Lots of other styles and colors in the line. thank you to spirited sisters for thinking of this, k

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** Terramia ** said...

How wonderful!!! What a fabulous idea someone has created for those woman who want to feel beautiful and feminine while struggling through something so rough... Bravo!

Bless them! (: