Sunday, July 22, 2007

Handcrafted Excellence, Sara Paloma

I've been working on the computer pretty much non stop designing a logo and marketing package for my oldest son who lives in Manzanillo, Mexico and is starting a new business their. We're talking fishing here, of course, so needless to say I have been dreaming marlins all week. Will post a few pics when I get the logo fine tuned. There is nothing harder than logo design. So deceivingly simple and so brutally complex at the same time. And I don't even want to talk about the whole font thing.
Oh and I love the pottery by artist Sara Paloma. Now if I could only get my son's logo to be as "clean and elegant". Love the the bird relief in the first pic. awesome, k


casapinka said...

How do people do this stuff? This is so pretty.

Di Overton said...

I love Sara Paloma's designs.

cruststation said...

Love them all, very elegant and interesting.

girl meets glamour said...

I know, logo design isn't as easy as it looks! Good luck! Love this pottery and so glad you posted this info. :)