Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Meet Lola And A Story

Hey Kstylers. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and a fun New Years. Meet Lola, my friend C's grandog. She was the star of the Sorry Tree party this year and definitely won the prize for best dressed. Unfortunaly our xmas went a bit sideways this year and here's why!
After the party we arrived home and realized we had forgotten to give waterboy a key as he was with friends so my husband didn't lock our car door thinking he would have to go out and retrieve said child. As it turned out he was just a few houses away and so walked home. But the problem and I mean BIG problem was that R forgot that he hadn't locked the car door and so we all went to bed thinking we were all locked up safe and sound. Oh and did I mention that I had gone online before bed just to check my email and unwind after party placing my laptop on the floor next to my chair as I always do. And btw my chair sits right by our xmas tree and our first floor living room is adjacent to the master bedroom all on the main level of our house.
So here is where the storey gets dicey. We woke up a bit late the following morning, my husband first and I here him say in an a sort of frantic tone. "Baby, I think we've been robbed." I ask him how he knows this from the bedroom which is only a few feet away. He says fairly calmly "because your laptop is gone and so are most of our xmas presents." At this point I cannot fathom that we are actually having this conversation, but unfortunately we are. And so as we now understand the robbers got into our car, took our garage door opener, quickly opened the door just enough to slide under came into our house while we sleeping a few feet away, took my laptop and the power cord, and all of the xmas presents that looked like they might contain ipods. In fact they got two. Then they slid back out the way they came. We never heard a thing. How scary is that??
Now you might question where we live. But no, we live in an outstanding neighborhood with great neighbors and very nice new homes. We have learned that there have been a rash of such robberies in our area and several of them have also occurred while people were sleeping and the mo has almost consistently been entering via the garage door opener.
So Kstylers the good news is that none of us were hurt. And our insurance will ultimately replace our lost items. But I lost pretty much EVERYTHING on my computer as I had not backed up recently. Devastating from my design and blogging perspective. I had thousands of resource files and well you know how it is. So it will be awhile before I am up to blogging snuff. I do have my new computer but no photoshop yet and I haven't even begun to replace the resource files so important to blogging. So hang in there with me. And please lock your cars at night and your doors during the day. talk soon, k


Funky Finds said...

OMG! I am SO sorry to hear this. As a fellow designer I totally understand how devastating it would be to lose all your files. Not to mention how scary to think robbers were in your home while you slept. Glad to know you are all alright. Hopefully '08 will be better from here on out for you!

Pigtown-Design said...

You have my deepest sympathies. I was robbed last year (thankfully, I was out) and my computer was stolen. ALl of my pix from living abroad were on it.

I have lojack on my new laptop.

susan said...

horrible horrible but i am so glad you are all ok. that could have had a terrible outcome.
hoping for a better start in 08 for you all!

Di Overton said...

Oh God how awful. I can imagine what it's like to lose your resource files they take an age to put together. As you say no one is hurt and that's the main thing.
I'm sure you will find new inspiration through this and I send my best wishes - Chin Up - as we say in the UK

Anonymous said...